Experienced creative direction, project management and design production with over 12 years of experience.
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    Web Design

    12 years of experience designing, building and managing the production of online experiences.

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    CMS Integration

    Experienced with CRM and CMS integration, from large global marketing sites to internal community driven sites.

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    Graphic Design

    12 years of graphic design experience including digital, print and large scale environmental.

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    Identity Design

    I particularly love building brand and identity, especially extending brands across mediums and developing new identities from the ground up.

Identity Designs


It's all about the user experience.

It doesn't matter if I'm directing a photo shoot for a magazine, laying out a financial report or redesigning a website I'm always driven by the user experience. How will that shot contribute to the design, how does the layout tell the story and what are clients looking for when they experience our online presence?

For me, gathering statistical data is a good starting point, but working with internal client groups, interviewing constituents and developing use case scenarios contribute to a better product.

Tech Info (the stuff I use)

My go to tool for design, I love vector graphics
Use it everyday, nothing beats it for pure pixel manipulation
I fire up Indesign at least every week, my favorite tool for publications
12 years of experience with HTML, CSS, JS, FTP


Creating and integrating a new identity across media

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    A logo and palette

    The community foundation needed a new identity. I stripped the mark down to just the name of the foundation. and stacked the name creating negative space to the upper left. This allowed for unique visual marks. I also removed the pipe which was visually separating the words Silicon Valley from community. In the above case the incompleted circles represent the foundations 5th year anniversary, still in the process of growing and connecting. The negative space also allows extension of the brand and it's products such as the Real Estate Trust.

  • team_img2


    websites, and social media

    Incorporating the new palette, and updated logo into a site refresh and CMS launch set the stage for extending the brand into the foundations online presence. Following up on the web launch the foundations social networks were refreshed with new branded social network icons.

  • team_img3


    reports, mailers, and a magazine

    The new identity is rolled out through 25 different development slipsheets, folders, reports, mailers, business cards and the foundation's magazine.

  • team_img4


    large scale design

    and finally the identity is presented in large scale format including new event signage, advertisements and the Caltrain Holiday Train warp.


From magazines, to financial reports, case studies and even the occasional invitation some of my favorite projects have been in print.
  • one: innovation through philanthropy
    Creative direction
    vendors: TMG (magazine production), John Lee (photography) Achille Bigliardi (photography)

    one: innovation through philanthropy is an award winning magazine produced twice a year as a stand alone piece for Silicon Valley Community Foundation. As the foundations creative director I drove redefining the magazines brand and visual style.

  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation Year End Reports
    Design and Production
    vendors: Almaden Press (print) Achille Bigliardi (photography)

    Most foundations produce a single year end report encompassing their work and financials in a single document. At SVCF we produced two seperate reports during the year. In January we launched a year end report highlighting our work of the previous year, followed by a financial report released mid-year. This gave us the ability to highlight the large amount of philanthropic work being done by the foundation, and to latter give an extensive transparent report of our financials. With that in mind I created designs each year that tied the reports together as companion pieces and used them to drive the new brand identity of the foundation.

  • Community Starts With You
    Creative Direction, Project Management
    vendors: Pure Matter (design),
    Almaden Press (print)

    This piece was created as a development tool that could easily explain the often complex chartiable vehicles available to the foundations clients. In the end the piece I produced in conjunction with Pure Matter solidly and simply defines the often jargony language of philanthropy in a visually interesting way and presents a compelling story of the work done at the foundation through its donors.


Large scale design

  • The Caltrain Holiday Train

    In 2011 SVCF funded the return of the Caltrain Holiday Train. A family-oriented event run in partnership with Toys for Tots, which gathers thousands of toys for children in need throughout the holidays.

    I first created a banner for a press event announcing the return of the holiday train in the coming year.

    Then for 6 weeks in 2012, the foundation advertised the return of the holiday train with among other things, a train wrap. My largest design to date I choose a 'Disneyesque' approach. The wrap was meant to be fanciful, fun and inspiring, representing the family orientation of the event.

  • Booth wall

    A New Signage System

    From sidewalk signposts to onstage backdrops the foundation needed a signage system that could be used in any venue. First I created a scale model of pieces to be used together or separately conveying the foundations brand in any situation. Then I translated those designs into a reversible wall backdrop, pop up banners, a-frame signs and a collapsible table for marketing materials. The foundation can now set up as a booth, decorate a stage, or simply point the way to any event.

  • 2010 Census Campaign

    Campaign to raise awareness about the 2010 census among immigrant communities. The goal being to ensure underserved communities were correctly represented in the Census with the result that government programs would be better capable of serving the community. The campaign included 20 billboards, multiple bus shelter posters and bus advertisements.


Large-scale redesign, content management integration, microsite builds and pro bono web design/maintenance.
  • Large Scale

    Site with global presence redesigned and integrated into a proprietary CMS. The build incorporated 8 different languages and e-commerce integration in EMEA, ASEAN, and the Americas

  • Redesign

    New site architecture, look and feel and CMS integration for the second largest community foundation in the U.S. with over $3 billion in assets.

  • Microsite

    New site created for a supporting organization of SVCF. Give Real Estate is treated here as a product of the foundation for clients in the market to donate real estate to nonprofits.

  • Pro Bono

    One of the sites I've created over the years for my fencing clubs. As a fencer for over 12 years I've enjoyed supporting my clubs with pro bono design and marketing work.



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